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  • Coloplast Fabric Leg Strap by Coloplast, Box of 10

The Conveen Security+ Fabric Leg Bag straps are designed to work specifically with the Contoured Security+ Leg Bag to help with urinary incontinence. Comes with two soft, latex-free Velcro® (hook-and-loop) straps. Made of soft elastic to be easy on the skin and are reusable. Each strap is 24" and is designed to be cut-to-fit the needs of the wearer. Two buttons are sewn onto each strap and make connecting the straps to the leg bag a breeze. The straps come in two different widths. The 1-1/2" wide strap is affixed to the top of the leg bag, while the 1" wide strap is secured to the bottom, both providing greater comfort for the user. Once the straps are connected, the extra length can be cut off. The Security+ Straps are washable and in 40-degree Celsius water, will shrink about 2%. -Improved, nonlatex design provides a more comfortable and secure leg bag strap. -Non-latex material is skin-friendly and nonirritating. -Made of soft, comfortable, reusable elastic fabric. -Special cutting areas enable a customized fit for individual sizing needs. -Reinforced buttons ensure easy, secure attachment to the leg bag.


Ordering Information

Material Description Formulary Availability Packaging QTY Price Contract Price
COI5167 BAG, LEG, SECURITY, L / F AND PVC-FREE   Available on 05/09/2014 10/BX    
COI5167H BAG, LEG, SECURITY, L / F AND PVC-FREE   Call for availability 1/EA    
COIC7090 STRAP, BAG, LEG, ADJUSTABLE   Available on 05/09/2014 2/BX    
MNT7089 32Z KIT W / STRAP & STR   Call for availability 1/KT  


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Coloplast Fabric Leg Strap by Coloplast, Box of 10

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  • Product Code: 32Z KIT W/ STRAP & STR
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